a)Beneficiary's name: Puklusvin Szőlőtermelő, Feldolgozó és Kereskedelmi Kft.

b) call for tenders, code number: Value addition of agricultural products in processing, VP3-4.2.1-4.2.2-18

c) title and identification number of the project: Construction of wine storage at Puklusvin Kft. 1970405774

d) the amount of the contracted support: HUF 32,406,570

e) amount of support (in %): 50 %

f) brief presentation of the project content:

Increasing the value of agricultural products in processing:

- construction of wine storage,

- the development of a solar system for the production of electrical energy, which is why network expansion is also necessary for the EON system

- providing mandatory publicity,

- technical inspection,

- conducting project management and

- related architect/engineering service, as well as

- settlement of official fees.

The implementation of the investment will improve working conditions, the technological level of wine storage, and the wine industry will become more competitive. Wine storage can be carried out at a suitable level, products with greater added value can be produced, because the good quality of the products can be preserved with proper storage. The efficiency of the business improves. Since the direct production cost of the products is reduced through the implementation of the development (smaller scrap rate, no need for payroll storage, cost savings due to the use of renewable energy), a higher profit ratio can be achieved, and the cost efficiency will be better. Our activity can be carried on more economically, and employment can be maintained in the longer term. The competitiveness of wine production is improving. The efficiency of resource use is increasing, environmental protection aspects can be taken into account more due to the use of renewable energy resource utilization technology.

g) the planned completion date of the project (if realized, then the actual completion): 15.09.2021